How to determine which pipeline version is installed

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Hi all

We have a docker with some version of the pipeline on it. Our team has not been able to figure out which version is installed! ha It’ll either be 18.1 or 19.0. Is there an easy way to confirm that? Maybe some python import followed by a print .version. or something?


NVM I finally see that the verion # is in the path to the various python scripts. ::man_facepalming:

In case it’s helpful to future readers of this question, if you need to find out the version of lsst_distrib you have setup from within a notebook, you can check this via command-line eups, running it through the notebook with the ! magic operator. For example:

version_string = ! eups list -s lsst_distrib
print(f'You are running {version_string[0].split()[1]} of lsst_distrib')

prints You are running w_2021_21 of lsst_distrib for me, at the time of writing.