How to make starflat from calibrated Auxtel images

I would like to make a starflat from calibrated Auxtel data but I am finding the calibration part a bit confusing. Are there any nice tutorials or talks describing the calibration process in detail (from raw to final product) and how to produce them? Ideally I want something similar to the isolated_star_sources dataset but with the sources calibrated. Any comments are welcome – thanks.

Hi @Rance , the following pages have examples on how calibrations are constructed:

Hi @Rance – Just checking in here…any further progress on this, based on Andres’ resources or otherwise? Thanks…

Hi @ameisner, yes – I managed to build a star flat from multiple tracts but then some anomalies were seen and I got carried away with those. I will post a solution here in the next few days so we can close this thread.

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Hello all,
I managed to work out a solution with the help of several people. Here is a jupyter notebook, building_a_starflat.ipynb, for download that should serve in creating a star-flat from multiple Auxtel tracks. If you see any improvements that can be made I would be glad to hear it.

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