How to send and receive direct (private) messages

The primary use of the Rubin Community Forum is user support and scientific discussion, and all are encouraged to openly post new topics and reply in threads. However, the capacity to send and receive direct messages between individuals and groups also exists.

To find your Forum messages, click on your profile picture at upper right and then click on the envelope icon ( :email:) in the pop-up window: a drop-down list of your direct messages will appear. Click the envelope icon again to go to your Forum inbox where you can send, read, and manage messages. Alternatively, reach your Forum inbox by using your Forum user name in the following URL:<forum-user-name>/messages.

Use Forum direct messages when, for example, you don’t have someone’s email address; you want to contact the Rubin Users Committee group (@Users-Committee); or you need confidential support.

Note that brand-new Forum accounts are initially barred from sending direct messages, but this restriction can be overcome in a few steps.