How to ask a question confidentially

Rare situations in which issues are encountered and help is needed, but a New Topic would publicly reveal critical details of a work in progress, should follow these options.

  1. The first and best option is to create a new Topic asking for help in the Support category, but anonymize the data. For example, recreate the issue with an object that is not of interest, or describe the issue without quoting object or visit identifiers.

Chances are, Rubin staff will be able to provide general help based on the anonymized description. If you are asked for details that cannot be revealed, indicate that you are purposefully concealing some details for confidentiality purposes, and request to be contacted by direct (private) message for further, confidential, assistance.

  1. The second option applies if it is not possible to even describe the issue without the risk of revealing critical details. In such a rare case, a direct (private) message can be sent to the Lead and Deputy Lead Community Scientists, Melissa Graham (@MelissaGraham) and Jeff Carlin (@jeffcarlin), who will follow-up with you confidentially.

Note that brand-new Forum accounts are initially barred from sending direct (private) messages, but this restriction can be overcome in a few steps.