How to ask a question in the Forum

Create a new Topic in the Support category, or any of its subcategories, to ask a question or get help with any aspect of Rubin Observatory.

Include as much of the following context as possible (and as is applicable):

  • the big-picture goal of what you’re trying to achieve
  • any inputs such as tables queried, search terms, dataId, or ADQL
  • the expected output or behavior of the tool or code
  • steps one could use to recreate an error
  • a copy-pasted code block, or screenshot, of an error message
  • the type and version of the browser, code, software
  • any relevant URLs

Rubin staff monitor the Support category, and Q&A is the sole purpose of this category. Respond to reply posts in the Topic, and choose the most appropriate response to mark as the solution.

See also how to ask a question confidentially and how to format a post (e.g., math, code blocks, images).