How to set proxy to the eups command?

While installing LSST software on a remote server, I keep getting ‘Network timed out’ error on running

eups distrib install -t v23_0_0 lsst_distrib

this command. My institute’s wifi runs on the proxy system and i think this is a problem related to the eups not being behind the proxy. Can someone help me with setting up proxy for the eups command?

As far as I can tell, eups distrib uses Python’s urllib.request.urlopen to retrieve files. This routine is documented to use the https_proxy environment variable. You would set this by saying:

$ export https_proxy={url to proxy}

If you can execute this and it prints “200”, eups distrib should work:

$ python
>>> import urllib.request
>>> urllib.request.urlopen("").status

Hi, apologies for the late response, but this worked! Thanks a ton!