HSC constructBias RuntimeError: No registry for lookup

Hey, i’m trying to process calibs to run constructBias for some HSC data but it keeps crashing with an error RuntimeError: No registry for lookup

This is how i’m setting up my DATA/CALIBS folder:

installTransmissionCurves.py DATA/
mkdir -p DATA/CALIBS
cp -r $OBS_SUBARU_DIR/hsc/CALIB/calibRegistry.sqlite3 DATA/CALIBS
ingestCuratedCalibs.py DATA --calib DATA/CALIBS/ $OBS_SUBARU_DATA_DIR/hsc/defects
hscIngestImages.py DATA/ abell1644/calibs/*.fz --mode=link
constructBias.py DATA --calib DATA/CALIB --rerun calib --id visit=106000…107000 ccd=0…10 --cores=10

Which always crashes with the error

RuntimeError: No registry for lookup

What am I doing wrong here? Thanks!

Hi! Is there a typo in the constructBias call? It should be “DATA/CALIBS” instead of “DATA/CALIB”, since that’s the directory you ingested them into two lines before that. If that’s not the issue, then I’d have to ask someone with more pipelines expertise than me…