HSC Pipe install error

Hi, trying to follow the tutorial to set up hscPipe from their website here: hscPipe8 installation — hscPipe8 manual

When I run eups distrib install hscPipe 8.5.3, the download proceeds normally until it starts to download pycodestyle 2.3.1-6-g0d131b0 where it crashes with the error:

Warning: trouble retrieving pycodestyle-2.3.1-6-g0d131b0.eupspkg: [Errno 104] Connection
reset by peer
(Trying alternate location)
eups distrib: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer

This also persists when I try to install version 8.4 as well.

This seems to be the same error from this post:

But i’m not sure how to replicate the steps that person took to solve their problem. Thanks!

Try this: Package pycodestyle not accessible online - #5 by surhudm

Change EUPS_PKGROOT in loadLSST.bash such that it reads:

export EUPS_PKGROOT=${EUPS_PKGROOT:-https://tigress-web.princeton.edu/~HSC/hscPipe8/src}

That fixed it, thanks so much!