imageDifferenceDriver with fakes

Hello all,
I added fake stars for only one visit, I want to do difference for that fakecalexp from a coadd template that was created without fakes

the calexps are in rerun/20200903
the coadds are in rerun/Z_01111
The fakecalexps are in rerun/Z_01111/rerun/Fakes1168
I run difference image with: /sps/lsst/groups/transients/HSC/repoManal/DATA/rerun/Z_01111 --rerun imagediff20200903 --id visit=1168 tract=9813 patch=5,5. I got the warnings : ( No coadd PhotoCalib found! , no such column: raftName )

imageDifferenceDriver: Could not persist metadata for dataId={'visit': 1168, 'tract': '9813', 'patch': '5,5', 'pointing': 817, 'filter': 'HSC-Z', 'ccd': 74, 'field': 'SSP_UDEEP_COSMOS', 'dateObs': '2014-03-28', 'taiObs': '2014-03-28', 'expTime': 270.0}: no such column: raftName

It seems that it can not find my coadds
I included the option imageDifference.connections.exposure='fakes_calexp' to my command line but still nothing changed
Hope someone knows this kind of issues,
Thank you in advance

Hi @mchbib, just checking in on this unsolved Support topic to see if you were able to resolve this issue related to raftName that appears to be affecting access to the coadds, and create difference images for your calexp with fake sources added? Or is this still an issue for you?