Infrastructure Meeting Cancelled 7/8/16

Not enough content to hold a meeting and make good use of members’ time. Highlights are below.

Also, I am looking towards expanding the scope of the infrastructure meetings to incorporate some of the additional discussions on future hardware needs (FY17 hardware needs, common base site infrastructure, networking requirements, etc). If you are interested in a topic along these lines, contact me and we’ll plan something.


New account management coming - Migrations are underway for a move to a simpler, streamlined account management system. NCSA LSST is in the process of converting accounts to the new system. Once the work is completed (target mid Sept), LSST will make full use of the new account creation process. Details to follow. Note that this change does not affect Nebula accounts.

Integration Environment (aka Prototype Data Access Center) - Hardware to serve the 30 node Qserv DB installation and SUI services has been ordered. Access to this secured environment is limited for technical and financial reasons. Compiling list of DM members that require user-access (VPN) and/or admin-access (2 factor) during this initial deployment. Access will be expanded once integration completes and services are security vetted (Targeted for fall).

GPFS Rollout - Acceptance testing is nearly complete. Seeing 12+GB/s write performance which exceeds SOW requirements. Time allowing, expect to see 20+GB/s numbers. Design for the rollout is underway.

Verification cluster - Hardware is currently used for GPFS acceptance testing. Once acceptance is complete, the verification cluster deployment will continue. Targeted for end of July.

Nebula Swift - This has been in operation for a few weeks now. Please beat it up accordingly. Note that the initial period is still in effect; data preservation is not guaranteed.

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