Installation of lsst_sims was failed with 'eups distrib' command

(lsst-scipipe-0.4.3) @xiaohuixudeMacBook-Pro lsst_stack % eups distrib install -t sims lsst_sim

eups distrib: Product lsst_sim sims not found in any package repository

You need lsst_sims, not lsst_sim. Also, -t sims is insufficient, I believe (or at least very very old); -t sims_w_2021_11 should work. Finally, if the % indicates you are using csh or tcsh, you may experience difficulties, as our scripts are generally only guaranteed to be available for sh/bash and zsh (possibly ksh).

I follow your advise, but take place new problems, I can’t access in fact, when I install package that need access, I always failed. I search some ways to solve the problem, but them didn’t help me.

If you cannot access GitHub, you may have problems with Rubin/LSST software, especially doing things like retrieving test data. But you may be able to make a bit more progress by making sure you specify the -t argument to, which should create loadLSST.bash and loadLSST.zsh scripts that add to the front of your EUPS_PKGROOT environment variable. This should allow you to download binary packages from rather than source package from GitHub.

Quick note, I moved this topic to “Support” since it’s about use of the LSST Science Pipelines, but 100% no worries I know the division can be ambiguous.

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