Intel MKL library

As Paul suggested in previous topic, we are rebuilding the stack from scratch. However, our administrator encounter some errors which may be caused by the Intel MKL library “”. So he would like to ask which version of MKL library you are using, or can the hscPipe work without MKL library (although it will be much slower)?


We don’t use MKL directly, but it may be used through other packages (e.g., numpy, blas). One exception is that we attempt to set the number of threads that MKL will use if we are able to find it in the system.

What are the errors you’re seeing? What relevant environment variables do you have set (MKL_NUM_THREADS, OMP_NUM_THREADS, etc.)?

Before the administrator reply that, I remember a error happened.
I had encountered a error that indicate the
have not been setup.
So I have to manual setup this three parameters (by export ) as how many cores I requested to server.

You can’t currently use MKL on Linux with the LSST software because there is an API mismatch in the MKL FFTW implementation and the standard FFTW implementation. This is discussed in DM-8146. We do not currently have a fix for meas_base to allow MKL to work.