Jenkins maintenance 2016-07-07 @ 18:00

There will be a brief Jenkins ( and Squash ( outage this evening starting at 18:00 project time. Maintenance activities are expected to be finished before 19:00.

Significant user visible changes:

  • qserv-os-matrix job renamed to qsesrv_distrib
  • dax_webserv-os-matrix job renamed to dax_webserv
  • new lsst_sims job
  • new lsst_distrib job
  • stack-os-matrix job no longer runs automatically on a schedule, this is now handled by the new lsst_distrib and lsst_sims jobs.
  • two new top level “folders” named seeds and ci-ci will be visible; these are currently only of relevance to the SQRE team and may be ignored
  • stack-os-matrix has gained a python parameter to allow test builds in a python 3.x environment.
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All maintenance activities are now complete.