Jenkins OSX builds to be disabled on Friday, 2019-05-17 until?

The NOAO/Tucson core network is planned to undergo a significant re-plumbing starting the morning of Saturday, 2019-05-18 and is expected to be down hard until ~noon. A consequence of this work will require cabling and manual routing configuration changes between NOAO CIS and SQRE after the core reorganization is finished.

In order to prevent stack-os-matrix/etc. builds from failing when the NOAO network goes down on Saturday, OSX builds will be disabled towards the end of business hours on Friday and re-enabled once connectivity with SQRE equipment is restored. This may also prevent the weekly eups tarballs for OSX from being published, depending on when the network goes down. Hopefully, OSX builds will be re-enabled later in the weekend.

OSX builds were re-enabled a few minutes ago.