Jenkins `stack-os-matrix` job may now run on OSX 10.14/Mojave

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(josh) #1

A new agent/node named mojave-1 was added to the production DM jenkins environment yesterday evening (DM-18107). It is a bare metal 2018 updated Mac mini, which is a departure from our existing ESXi VMs running on “Mac pro” hardware. As the “current” generation Mac pro hardware is ~5 years old, we would prefer to invest in more modern hardware. If no major issues arise with the new mini, we are planning to add enough additional units to support a smooth transition between osx releases in the future. Also worth noting that a more recent version of Xcode is installed. The clang compiler string is clang-1000.10.44.4. Small sample size benchmarking suggests the mini has a modest performance increase with builds of lsst_distrib lsst_ci from a clean state taking ~2:45.

The only jenkins jobs currently allowed to run on mojave-1 are stack-os-matrix and scipipe/lsst_distrib. As there are four existing sierra-X nodes, this means there is a ~1 in 5 chance (job/node affinity makes the distribution not completely random) of running on mojave. The nightly/weekly/official eups tarball builds are still running on sierra. The loose plan is to RFC moving the tarball releases to mojave once there is enough capacity for every stack-os-matrix build to comfortably run on it. A related issue is if science pipeline developers would like to change the value of MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET at the same time, which has long been set to 10.9.

(Tim Jenness) #2

I have been wondering about that. Everything does build fine using it and I’ve had to force it in a couple of builds for mojave to work (10.8 no longer works and was a default in some places). I won’t object to us tweaking that value.