Libtool locking

I’m having trouble building the stack on an attached USB drive. It seems like the problem is related to this (though the post is from 2003!).

The symptom I am seeing is that when trying to build fftw, the process hangs and the logfile says:
[2016-08-12T23:49:17.377775Z] libtool: link: Waiting for /lsstStack/lsstsw/build/fftw/sp/kernel/.libs/libkernel.a.lock to be removed.

Does anyone have any experience with this or with building the stack on a different file system. It is definitely true that the target is a different filesystem than the host (the USB drive is exFAT). I guess I could reformat, but that seems like a hack.

Are you able to make hardlinks on a mounted exfat filesystem? As a side comment, RedHat/Fedora doesn’t distribute the exfat utils due to patent concerns.

Not sure if exFAT has the same problems, but I know that FAT16/32 cannot handle permissions or symlinks (and probably hardlinks). Any of these could be causing the problem.

I have built the stack on a ext4-formatted USB drive (although not on a Mac).

A possibility (assuming you’re on a Mac and don’t want to reformat the USB drive) is to create a disk image on the drive and build the stack inside that.

So more info. I can symlink on exFAT, but not hardlink.

I guess that’s the problem?