LSST News Digest November 12 2019

(Kristen Metzger) #1

The November 12, 2019 issue of the LSST News Digest is now available at this link.

(Allan Ramirez) #2

Dear Miss Metzger,
I am the director of Pichasca School. Every day and for years, we observe how the LSST advances from the valley of the Hurtado River and although it is a small school, it creates high expectations among students and colleagues. With which member of the lsst team can we communicate to integrate your experiences into our school?
Our best wishes from Pichasca.

(Kristen Metzger) #3

Hi Allan,
Thanks for posting your message–we’re excited that you have been following LSST! We are developing resources for classrooms now, and we have a specific team member who is coordinating our Education and Public Outreach efforts in Chile. Her name is Claudia Araya Salvo, and you can contact her directly at
We look forward to helping you bring LSST into your classrooms!

(Allan Ramirez) #4

Hi Kristin,
thank you very much for your help!