LSST Simulations Docker image

In LSST:UK we have created a Docker image containing the LSST simulations software. It was created primarily to allow us to install the software more quickly and easily, but we decided to publicise it here in case it is of use to anyone else.

The container is available from the Docker repository with the tag jamespepcc/lsstsimulations:1.1. It is built on top of the lsst_distrib-v13_0 image released by LSST, though we intend updating this to the v14 release soon. It includes a complete lsst_sims installation as well as Jupyter and some useful libraries (matplotlib, astropy, sncosmo).

Please let me know if you would like more information.

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Hi James,
Is the source code (Docker file and scripts) for this available online ?

Hi Dave,
Yes, there is a page on the LSST UK wiki about the container and the Dockerfiles are attached to that:

Hi Dave and James,

I will also mention that here at the University of Washington I have been using Docker images of the LSST simulations software specifically for MAF development. At the Docker hub page that follows I outline the images in my docker repo and an example of how to run MAF. The example is very similar to what James showed the link already shared.

I will soon be adding the Dockerfiles and build scripts to a GitHub repo and things will be updated as needed.


I have now created an updated version of the container, based on release v14 of the LSST software stack and Python 3.6. It is available with the tag jamespepcc/lsstsimulations:1.2.

What version of lsst_sims is this? The example MAF tutorials expect MAF version 2.5.0, and to process new v4 this is what will work best.

It’s version 2.4.2, I think that was the latest when I built the container.