LSST stack release version 15.0 now available

Version 15.0 of the LSST software stack that includes the LSST Science Pipelines is now available. Extensive documentation including installation instructions, release notes and scientific characterization are available as usual at:

This release offers native binary packages for recent flavours of RHEL and MacOS which will speed up installation times for many users. Major changes in functionality and/or interfaces are listed here:

Many thanks to @frossie for guiding me through the release process, to @KSK for preparing the characterization report and drafting the release note, to @timj and @swinbank for all the support provided, and @jsick for the major update to And of course many thanks to all DM developers who contributed to this release.


@KSK reminds me that we didn’t mention the libiconv issue in the Known Problems section of the release notes. log can fail to build if the conda libiconv package is installed. It needs to be uninstalled when apr_util is building. See DM-12105.

@timj Does that mean if one were doing an eups disturb install from source, one could start with apr_util and then go back, reintroduce libiconv in their conda env, and proceed to build the rest of lsst_distrib? I ask since the builds take awhile at NERSC and we use an external conda installation which is shared with other stack builds and anaconda python users. It’d be nice to reduce the amount of time where libiconv is removed.

Yes. I believe so.

v15.0 is also available in the cloud via the CernVM-FS binary distribution, for both Linux and macOS. Details here.