MAF office hours returning

Hello all,

MAF office hours are back on - I’ll be available for any of your general or specific questions every other Tuesday at 10am Pacific, starting 9/21/2021.

Hope to talk to you on Bluejeans - connection info:
(phone dial in +1.408.740.7256, meeting ID 276 997 914)

Upcoming office hours:
9/21 10am PDT
10/5 10am PDT
10/19 10am PDT
11/2 10am PDT
Survey Strategy workshop: 11/15 - 11/16 (no office hours)

and these can continue after the workshop if they are continuing to be helpful.

Please do feel free to stop by to ask any questions you may have. You can also always reach @yoachim or me on LSST slack - the #sims-maf channel is a great place to ask any questions you might have – as well as here on community.

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This is great to see Lynne, thank you!

I’ll go ahead and tack on MAF office hours:

Oct 12 10am PDT
Oct 26 10am PDT
Nov 2 10am PDT

To keep it simple, let’s keep the same connection info:

Those times might not be great for the European time zones. Let me know if anyone wants a different time and we can schedule a bonus slot.