Community Survey Strategy Highlights

Navigation help! The discussion on is a great way to bring up timely questions and insights with a broader community, but I’ve also heard requests for some additional structure to help people find particular topics or kinds of posts. This post is my first attempt to grapple with this extra dimension.

Current survey strategy team announcements
v2.0 simulations
MAF office hours are back
The SCOC have issued their draft recommendations
The ApJ Focus Issue for survey strategy papers is open! ** ApJ Focus Issue information **
DataLab access
PSTN-051, the cadence report
PSTN-052, an update about rolling cadence

Survey simulation release notes
FBS 2.0
FBS 1.7.1
FBS 1.7
FBS 1.6
FBS 1.5

We will generate similar tools to look at the v2.0 ensemble as we did for v1.0.

All of the relevant simulation families from v1.0 are listed in SummaryInfo, which provides a high-level description of each family, listing of runs, and a short comparison of a very limited set of metrics for each run. (Alternate location).
[Please note that you can download a bit of python code which will put simulations together into families and create those lists for you, from the same location].

Simulation analysis


Additional topics

Other resources

  • #sims-maf channel on the LSSTC slack. Chat here with quick questions or comments.
  • Post longer questions or analysis results in the Survey Strategy category on Community (it’s visible to the world).
  • lsst-pst/survey_strategy Github repo to host jupyter notebooks with analysis details and some additional simple simulation comparison tools.

Suggestion for posts: A helpful thing to do is to add ‘tags’ to your post, beyond the ‘Survey Strategy’ category. You can add more than one tag; posts dealing with metrics questions could add sims-maf as a tag, and it’s likely always useful to add tags related to your science community (such as desc or tvs).

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