SMWLV-TVS Observing Strategy Hack Day 3, Thursday March 18th, 10:00am - 3:00pm EDT

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Hi all - the third SMWLV-TVS Observing Strategy Hack Day will take place Thursday, March 18th, from 10:00am-3:00pm EDT. This will be broadly similar to the previous two hack days: there will be two 2-hour sessions, and you should feel free to attend as much or as little as you wish. Connection information can be found in the meeting documents linked below, and in the channel information in the #cadence-hack-days-smwlv-tvs LSSTC Slack channel.

The main objectives for this hack day: 1. Share investigations in progress; 2. make progress on the implementation of your figure of merit. A few notes:

  • Note the times are now EDT, since clocks went forward in the US on March 14th. For example: 10:00 EDT is currently 1500 CET. Here is a google calendar link for SMWLV-TVS cadence hack days.

  • To help us plan the breakout rooms and get an idea for attendance, please fill in the sign-up sheet before the meeting. If you have experience running MAF, and are willing to serve as a “mentor” to (i.e. to answer questions from) hack day participants, please indicate this in the final column of the sign-up sheet.

  • Both sessions will include a set of informal, short (one-slide) presentations in the middle of the session, to help ensure people know what others are working on and to identify common issues. Ideally, each group working on a cadence note or cadence investigation should fill in a one-slide summary for this presentation. Some template slides are provided in the welcome slides (beginning at slide 14).

  • We have an example cadence note!! Brown Dwarf Astrometry, by @jgizis

  • @iandreoni has prepared an Overleaf “template” for cadence notes. You can find it here.

  • This Community thread will serve as the homepage for the hack day. We will also use the LSSTC Slack channel #cadence-hack-days-smwlv-tvs for discussion during and after the hack day. If you wish to be added to this channel, please contact @willclarkson

  • We’ll assemble in the “SMWLV” room in Gathertown rather than moving straight to the “Plenary” area. Here is the key to the virtual meeting rooms in gathertown:

Some useful links:

Thanks, all, I’m looking forward to a fun and productive hack day!

Will Clarkson, for the SMWLV Observing Strategy Task Force

Here’s a notebook added to maf_contrib by @yoachim that shows how to run your metrics on large numbers of opsim runs and summarizing the results:

Example analysis and summary notebooks can also be found at this post by @ljones :

@iandreoni The Overleaf template is restricted access. Could you please change the sharing permissions on it?

HI @jcarlin - @iandreoni has sent the “edit” link in Slack, I have replaced the link in the post above with the editable version. It should work now. Thanks, Igor!