SMWLV-TVS Observing Strategy hack day 4, Thursday April 01, 10:00-15:00 EDT

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Hi all - the fourth SMWLV-TVS Observing Strategy Hack Day will take place Thursday, April 01, from 10:00am-3:00pm EDT. There will be two 2-hour sessions, and you should feel free to attend as much or as little as you wish. Connection information can be found in the meeting documents linked below, and in the channel information in the #cadence-hack-days-smwlv-tvs LSSTC Slack channel. A few notes:

  • Here are today’s welcome slides, including connection information.

  • As with the previous two hack days, please fill in the signup sheet so that we have an idea of who wants to work on what, and how many people to expect.

    • Just seeing how others have solved problems can be all that is needed to make a breakthrough. Therefore, if you have a specification or code already (it doesn’t need to be complete), please consider adding a link in the “links” column in the signup sheet.
  • To see what others are working on, and some of the issues and actions, you may find the 1-slide presentations from Hack Day 3 to be helpful. They start at slide 13 in the hack day 3 welcome slides. TVS also has a set of 1-slide summaries of investigations in progress, which can be found here. The public lists of planned cadence notes for the two collaborations may also be useful, here are links: SMWLV (has “getting started” guide), and TVS. Additional links can be found in the hack day 3 welcome slides (e.g. “resources” on slide 7)..

  • As with the previous two hack days, we will use Gathertown as the meeting “venue.” Click here for a short informal “cheat-sheet” to gathertown. For orientation, the image below shows the floor plan along with the room labels.

Some more useful links:

Thanks, all, I’m looking forward to a fun and productive hack day!

Will Clarkson, for the SMWLV Observing Strategy Task Force