Members of LSST DM now have the full Discourse feature set (Trust Level 4)

Starting today, I have configured all members of LSST Data Management to have Trust Level 4. This gives you broad abilities to edit anyone’s post, make any post a wiki, re-categorize posts and split/join topics. See the Discourse documentation for more background on what you can do at different Trust Levels.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the additional functionality, there’s no need to use it. Don’t be obliged to refactor and edit every post you see. However, with this trust level, if you see something that needs fixing, you can fix it. Obviously we’re also counting on your professional discretion.

So take a look at the new UI elements available to you to see what new things you can do.

I’ve also worked to make DM members have titles of “LSST Data Management.” Other groups will have their own titles, such as LSST Camera. People broadly associated with LSST will have ‘LSST’ in their title. The scheme for doing this is slightly ad hoc, and in the long term will benefit from better integration with LSST’s contacts database.

Note that this elevation of trust level applies only to DM members.