Milky Way 2018 meeting/workshop?


Is there interest in having a Stars, Milky Way and Local Volume meeting similar to the one we had in a Tucson a few years? We could apply for funding from LSST Corp. (deadline December 18)

In particular, I’m thinking that it might be worthwhile to have a one or two day east coast USA meeting given that the all-hands LSST meeting usually seems to be out West. The UK has also been having meetings.

Possible topics:

  1. Working on the Mini-Surveys/DDF proposals – highest priority? Call now to be out in June?
  2. Crowded Field Pipeline – perhaps by next year we’ll know more about how DM is doing.
  3. Astrometry — ???

Let me know what you think. We also discussed star/galaxy separation last time.

(Note this is on the public LSST Community forum, not the private collaboration-only one.)


Hi John - I think this would be a good idea, count me in. As I think we’ve discussed, it would be good to time this with enough time that participants can implement their actions well before the Mini-Surveys/DDF deadline.


Count me in as well!

Yes, great idea. I’m in!

I think this would be a good idea, especially (assuming its in the US) if a few of us from the UK can make it, to help cement us into the community.