Modeling of DP0.2 Stars

Happy Tuesday! I’m looking for a reference that will tell me how the DP0.2 Object catalog stars were created. I’ve plotted color-color plots from the Object catalog. They currently look wildly different than actual stars from the Pickle’s Atlas and I’m trying to figure out why.

Hi Bob - See section 5.3 of the DC2 overview paper for some basics about how the stars were simulated. (You may need to look into the Galfast model for details.) I would expect color-color plots from DC2 stars to look reasonably similar to SDSS color-color plots.

Hope that’s helpful!

Hi @babel, just following up to see if Jeff’s response solved the issue, or if there are follow-up questions on this topic?

Thank you Jeff!

Thanks again, Jeff. The stars are indeed based on SDSS observations and the best information I could find came from GALFAST sources:

I particularly liked how the author lists himself as “The Guilty Party”