NB access to DM Slack workspaces

Still working through the NB phases, learning DM pipeline, including attempts to learn same through the Jupyter notebooks provided through Stack Club.
Is there a time when I may be granted access to any of the “dm-xxxx” Slack workspaces. You can use my email in my community profile for the invitation.
Please advise.
PS - I do plan to attend one of the DP0 presentation tomorrow, courtesies of @MelissaGraham
Fred klich

Generally we prefer that support be provided here via community.lsst.org so that we can build up a public knowledge base. Data Preview 0 Delegates have the Support - Data Preview 0 category here to get assistance with anything.

If you are actively assisting with development of the LSST Science Pipelines or other Rubin DM code, please contact the responsible Rubin DM manager for onboarding assistance.

I am a member of the lsst community forum trying to gain more of a “public” knowledge base… I asked about gaining access to the lsst community forum slack workspaces, “dm-xxxx”. Please clarify.

And, again thanks for your help and patience.
I believe I’m blurring the community forum pipeline exercises with the StackClub pipeline exercises…not understanding they’re part of two different camps.
Anyway, @ktl, I’m focusing on community forum for now and seeking other avenues where I can gain more knowledge and thought that the dm-xxxx slack workspaces was one vehicle.

The LSSTC Slack channels are not part of this Community forum and are not public.

I should have mentioned that if you are a member of a science collaboration, you may have access to at least some of LSSTC Slack via that mechanism; contact your collaboration chair.

Okay, I’m getting it. thanks.

Hi @fsklich – as @ktl says, community support for use of the LSST data products and services, like the science pipelines, is done here in the Community Forum and not in Slack. I found this topic which I think should clarify things?

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I read and traversed all embedded links in your reply. It helped tremendously.
My thanks to you and @ktl.

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