New geom package replaces much of lsst.afw.geom

The geom package was superseded sphgeom, which contains similar code, but written in C++ instead of Python. Now as per RFC-460 the contents of geom have been replaced by primitives from lsst.afw.geom, including Angle, Point, Extent, SpherePoint, Box, LinearTransform and AffineTransform. That work was done on DM-14429

Aliases to these objects remain in afw for now, but their use is deprecated. New code should use geom. The following packages were fully updated on DM-14429 to use geom: afw, meas_base, meas_algorithms and meas_astrom.

Some C++ needed to have a a few includes added. For example some code relied on a header such as lsst/afw/image/Image.h to pull in lsst/afw/geom/Box.h or lsst/afw/geom/Point.h, but that no longer works. Python code should work with no changes.