Notebook 03b (Firefly)

Every time we try to go through these step the kernel crash:
Display the coadd_calexp image in Firefly:
afw_display.mtv(coadd_calexp) <----
kernel died in coadd image

Hi Susana,
Some RSP users found that closing down their RSP session and logging back in – and being sure to choose a medium or large container when they did – fixed issues with their Firefly window. Perhaps try that first and report back?

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Thanks Melissa! We’ll try that

Did you receive any messages in your notebook sessions along with seeing that the kernel had crashed?

no, just “kernel died in coadd image”

@spedrosa is Firefly working for you now? May I mark this topic as resolved?

If you are still seeing this problem, I’d love to see a screen shot that shows that “kernel died” message in context.

It is working. Many thanks and apologize for the delay