Nubdlado v2 deprecation

With the upcoming release of Nublado v4 (semantic versioning henceforth!) we are making plans to remove the “nublado2” service from phalanx.

It is my understanding that IN2P3 [fact check @FabioHernandez ] is still on v2 because nublado v3 lacked two features in nublado v2 that were needed for their deployment

  1. The ability to use a different directory (previously by convention “jhome”) as the nublado directory of an on-premises user.

  2. Node affinity/tolerations for nublado pods

Both these features will be in nublado v4.

We’d like to go ahead and remove nublado2 off phalanx now to avoid confusion on the assumption that IN2P3 is not synced with the current version of phalanx and hence will not notice until it’s ready to come up to current; if this is going to cause issues I have not anticipated, please let us know.

I’ll double-check what version we’re running here in the UK. I’m pretty sure we’re happy to (intending to) keep up with Nublado versioning, but we might still be running Version 2 just now.

UK IDAC team are okay with update. We are currently using Nublado 2 but are planning to upgrade sooner rather than later (once we can work out why our loadbalancer is not working properly).

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HI @frossie I confirm we are still on v2. I will update the version next week (Monday, morning, I promise) and I will send a pull request for phalanx.

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Nublado v4 has now been released, so we believe all of the necessary functionality to fully deprecate Nublado v2 is in place. If you find anything missing, please let us know. We are no longer running Nublado v2 anywhere internally.

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I’ve deleted the nublado2 application from the main branch of Phalanx. I wrote preliminary nublado configurations for the environments that were still using nublado2. Those may not be entirely correct, but should at least provide a starting point for a future migration.