Omitting a warp when making a coadd

Hello all,

I would like to remake a coadd with compareWarp, but this time around omit one of the warps that would otherwise go into making the coadd (it has a satellite streak in it, and we are curious to see what the effect is of leaving it out entirely). Is there a straightforward way of doing this using command line tasks? I have the dataId of the warp I want to omit on hand.

thank you!

Are you working in Gen2 or Gen3? In Gen2, this ought to be straightforward.

When running, you can include a visit list in --selectId that omits the one you want to skip. The selectId is for narrowing down what input warps to use (visit, detector/ccd) and the id is for specifying what parts of the sky (tract, patch) to consider.

For example, to skip visit 10, you’d do something like REPO --rerun RERUN --warpCompareCoadd --selectId visit=7^8^9^11^12^13 --id tract=0 patch=0,0^0,1^1,0^1,1


Thanks, it worked perfectly!

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