Periods of variable stars

Is there a way to access the basic parameters, such as periods, of simulated variable stars in DP0? I can see that there is a catalog in DC2 which probably contains this metadata, but I don’t have access to it. It would be extremely useful to characterize how accurately we are able to recover these numbers.

Hi @bodi.attila, thanks for your question. The short answer is “no, you can’t access the periods used to simulate the variable stars via the Rubin Science Platform as a DP0 delegate”. That kind of information is not part of the data sets being served for DP0.1 via the RSP.

But, the DP0 data set is a subset of the DESC’s DC2 data set, and the DESC have made a public release of a limited set of DC2 data products. I’m not sure that what you need is included in the public release but it’s the place to check. Maybe report back in this thread if this was useful?

Hi @MelissaGraham , thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, the catalog I need is not part of the public release. It is available only for DESC members.