Possible minor bug in pipe_tasks/setPrimaryFlags.py

Hi there,

While running multiBandDriver.py on v16.0 we found that our process kept crashing at line 105 of pipe_tasks/setPrimaryFlags.py. After a bit of hunting around, it seems that the setFlag method doesn’t seem to like isTractInner being a numpy.bool_ class as opposed to a standard python bool class.

Apologies if a recent update now means skyMap.findTract(skyPos).getId() now returns a python int rather than a numpy.int (which would fix the problem), but I thought I’d raise it here, just in case. Editing line 104 to isTractInner = int(sourceInnerTractId) == tractId fixes the problem for us.



Looks like this is related to either https://jira.lsstcorp.org/browse/DM-10380 and/or https://jira.lsstcorp.org/browse/DM-12892

Indeed, it very much looks related to the first. Glad it’s already been flagged.