Producing and using DIAOjects for analysing DESC/DC2 transient simulation

In the preparation of the DESC/DC2 challenge I am using DM/stack on transient (supernova) simulation. I have used obs_lsstsim and coadd+diffim to produce diasources/diffimages. I am now looking for DM/stack code to produce lightcurves. What is the status of the ap branch ? Can we use it (with last stack release and/or specific branch) ?
Looking in I find some documentation but not covering the ap_association part. Is this ready to be used and is there a documentation of what it does and how to use it ?
Thank you.

We don’t include AP pipelines in the current release of the LSST Pipelines because they’re not really ready for widespread use. You’re welcome to try them if you’d like, but you should not expect a polished experience, and please be aware that we are prioritising ongoing development over end-user support (but we’ll try to help out where we can). If you can wait a few months, you’ll find something much more usable!

If you do want to try using this now, rather than DMTN-039, I’d suggest looking at the documentation that @mrawls has been putting together on DM-13164: this might be a good place to start.

Everything John says is correct :slight_smile: The ap_association database is also being worked on in semi-real-time. If you’d like to see a jupyter notebook exploring a (very, very) preliminary run of ap_pipe, it is viewable here. However, the schema for the association db has changed, so you can’t quite copy what I did in there line for line. New notebooks and tutorials are in the works as development on the AP pipeline continues. Thanks for your interest!

Thank you very much for you answers Meredith and John. I will inform you when I investigate further the use of this part of the stack.

I thought the DRP pipeline was to use a different association method to make the DIAObjects than the AP pipeline, because the reprocessing can be done with the benefit of hindsight, using all the DIASources at once (in contrast to the AP procedure of gradually accumulating DIASources as they appear). Is the plan to use ap_association in the DRP as well?

We’ll push ap_association as far as we can take it, but it’s likely there will also be DRP-specific association code. There are no useful prototypes of that available at the moment.

Understood - thanks John!

The current stand in I’ve been using for building up DRP style DIAObjects is with MultiMatch. See this notebook for an example of how to use it.

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Thank you Simon. It is indeed what I am using : Used for CFHTLS repro + implementation for DC2 now.