Proposed new category in Support: "Lasair Broker"

New Category Name: Lasair Broker
Parent Category: Support


  • This new sub-category is motivated by Lasair’s strategy to align their UK offerings with Rubin wherever possible, and to avoid “reinventing the wheel”.
  • Until now, an interim solution for Lasair support has been email, backed up by GitHub tickets for technical matters, which has worked due to a low volume of inquiries.
  • However, Lasair developers are aware of the risks associated with email-based support, and of the benefits of a single platform exposed to the broader community, like the Rubin Community Forum.
  • It is furthermore likely that users will enjoy and benefit from a consolidated support venue.

At the moment, this is a bit of an experiment. In the future, if many additional Rubin-related brokers (or other Rubin-related science platforms) wish to use the Rubin Community Forum in this way, then a separate category for broker support could be considered.

This sub-category would have the “mark solution” capability enabled, and Lasair staff would set themselves to “watching” this sub-category in order to provide timely solutions (e.g., @roy, @genghisken, and @gpfrancis).

"About the Lasair Broker Category" Topic Text: provided below.

User support with the Lasair Alert Broker (

All are welcome to post questions about Lasair, a broker for astronomers studying transient and variable astrophysical sources. For example, questions about how to use Lasair functionality like filters and watchlists, how to optimize use of Lasair for time domain science, suspected or known technical issues, or any other Lasair-related questions.

The main contact person for this support sub-category is Roy Williams (@roy).

Lasair users are also welcome to submit suggestions for improvements and bug fixes via the Lasair github issues page.

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@roy, the new category is now set up: