Public release of Rubin LSST data

I was curious about the schedule for the public data release of the Rubin LSST data. I am aware of the data release schedule to the data rights holders (described in RDO-011). But is there some RDO which discusses the eventual public data release of the data? RDO-013 mentions something about the data becoming public two years after it is released to the DRHs.

I suppose given the large amount of data, it may be impractical to make just the data public. In that case, is it correct that eventually the Rubin science platform, or something similar, will be made open to anyone?

Hi Surhud,
Rubin data become publicly shareable after 2 years from the release for which they are associated. We do not plan to make publicly shareable data available on the RSP at the US DAC (Google currently). We are working with the Canadian in-kind program group on a contribution to support providing access to publicly shareable data.