Py3 support in Docker images for current weekly builds

I just seriously started to look at the docker images that are available, in particular lsstsqre/centos:7-stack-lsst-distrib-w_2017_46
I had assumed the most recent images would use python 3 (and maybe even gcc 6) - but it seems the docker image is set up with py3 and gcc 4.8. Are there plans to update the versions of these bits?
Actually are the Dockerfiles generally available? I could roll my own, for my nefarious purposes and starting from something that is known to work would certainly make that easier.

We are actively switching the Jenkins builds (so also Docker builds) to devtoolset-6. Coming very soon.

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I believe this actually shipped yesterday, so it’s possible the daily build contains this change. @josh can say more.

Python 3.6.2 has been the miniconda bundled interpreter since immediately after the the 14.0 release.

The devtoolset-6 CI transition was yesterday. The next weekly release, presumably w_2017_49, will be devtoolset-6 / gcc 6.3.1 based.