Python configuration for qserv ( is not set up correctly

I’ve installed qserv (2016_03 and 2016_05) on a CentOS 7 VM.

I can run after qserv is installed, but if I log again and try to run the configure script it fails. I’m pretty sure this is a Python environment issue, but since I’m not a Python developer, I’m not sure exactly what needs to be done.

qserv ~/stack $ . loadLSST.bash
qserv ~/stack $ ~/stack/Linux64/qserv/2016_03-9-gca512c7/bin/
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/qserv/stack/Linux64/qserv/2016_03-9-gca512c7/bin/", line 56, in <module>
    from lsst.qserv.admin import configure, commons
ImportError: No module named qserv.admin
qserv ~/stack $ env | grep PYTHONPATH

I assume Python needs that library in the PYTHONPATH env var? So if I copy PYTHONPATH from an environment in which I’ve just completed an installation, I get a different error:

qserv ~ $ ~/stack/Linux64/qserv/12.0+1/bin/ --help
Could not import lsstcppimport; please ensure the base package has been built (not just setup).

No handlers could be found for logger "root"

It doesn’t look to be python-related, but your environment. You need to load qserv into your environment, e.g., setup qserv.

Yep, that was it. The quick start guide left that step out. (EDIT: maybe the guide didn’t leave it out, but it looks like it’s part of the installation and wasn’t clear that it had to be run every time.) Thanks, Paul.

Great! Please be sure to file a ticket on the quick start guide so we can get that fixed.

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Sure. Is that the issue tracker on the Github site (

I’m not sure what @jbecla and the QServ team use for bug tracking, but probably .

All of LSST DM uses JIRA for official bug tracking. Non-project personnel who do not have JIRA accounts may report bugs as GitHub issues; Technical Managers are responsible for turning those into JIRA bugs (which are then visible to the community at large).