Query timeout in streaming mode only - email error messages


I created two filters using an annotator output:

These execute quickly when I click on “run filter”. However, over the last couple of days the streaming version seems to have gotten stuck. I’ve been receiving dozens of emails, sometimes every 10 mins, like below:

2024-02-12 11:18:27 UTC: Your streaming query lasair_23NEEDLESLSNcandidates didn’t run, the error is: 1969 (70100): Query execution was interrupted (max_statement_time exceeded), please check it, and write to lasair-help@roe.ac.uk if you want help.

This mainly affects filter 1207, but I sometimes get the same email for filter 1205. Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Matt, have you contacted lasair-help@roe.ac.uk?


Its a difficult problem and the Lasair team is working closely with Matt

Thank you @roy for the note. If this problem is something others could have as well in the future, please share the solution once the Lasair team finds.

This has been fixed by adding an index to the annotations table.