Question about getting the pixels and their values of a HeavyFootprint

Hi all, is it possible to get the pixel values (or just pixels) of a HeavyFootprint (i.e. a deblended “segmentation” map) by its coordinate (e.g. RA, DEC) on a coadded image?
When we are looking at some large but low-surface-brightness galaxies, we notice that the galaxies could be deblended into (or just detected as) multiple objects. We hope to combine the info from all nearby HeavyFootprints to analyze the whole galaxy image.
Thank you.

The result of deblending is recorded only in the HeavyFootprints in the catalog. You cannot get deblended HeavyFootprints from an image without running the deblender.

Thank you. Can I ask which catalog (or image) stores the HeavyFootprints?

The dataset names are src for single detectors, or deepCoadd_meas for coadds.