Quick gen2 colour terms question

I realize gen2 isn’t supported anymore, but thought I would ask anyways, as I am modifying a camera config which is gen2.

Can someone describe the operations of the gen2 colour term definition like:

config.data = {
    "ps1*": ColortermDict(data={
        "g": Colorterm(primary="g", secondary="r", c0=0.0, c1=-0.153),
        "r": Colorterm(primary="r", secondary="g", c0=0.0, c1=0.024),

Do these map PS1 magnitudes to the camera in question, or instrumental magnitudes onto the PS1 system?

I was going to link to our docs on colorterms, but they haven’t been converted from Doxygen yet, so they’re not available online.

The mapping is from the reference catalog, to the instrument (so the former, in your question). There’s no difference between gen2 and gen3 regarding colorterms.

Thanks John. Much appreciated.