Registration is now open for "Getting ready to do science with LSST data"

On behalf of the organisers and of the LSST-France community at large, I’m very pleased to announce that the registration is now open for attending the school and workshop:

Getting ready to do science with LSST data:

This is a LSSTC-sponsored event to be held in Lyon, France from June 12th to 16th, 2017.

The programme committee welcomes contributions related to the topics of the scientific programme: please consider submitting your contribution.

We look forward to host members of the international LSST community in our site. Registration is free but mandatory and the number of places is limited, so if you intend to attend please register now.

Registration deadline is 31 May 2017, correct? (the registration page is in French so I wasn’t sure)

Registration deadline is May 31st, indeed. The deadline for submitting contributions is April 16th.

I’m surprised you see the website in French because it is configured to be in English. Could this be related to the configuration of the preferred languages of your browser? I’m interested in understanding the cause of this unintended behaviour because this event is meant to be in English and so is the website, so I would not like other people be confused.

In the top right corner of the window you can choose the language you want the website to be rendered:

In my experience, if the browser is configured with English as a preferred language the website will be displayed in English. If French is preferred, it will be displayed in French. In any case, you can choose using the drop down menu in the top right, as shown in the figure. is in English but when I go to using Firefox I get:

Note: @lhickey also sees this behavior with Chrome and she’s prompted to translate into English by Chrome’s language auto-detect feature.

Note: clicking the language dropdown and selecting English works. My browser is set to default to English and I’ve never seen this behavior on other sites.

I cannot reproduce this behaviour using Chrome configured with English as the only language. However, I can reproduce the same unwanted behaviour with Firefox that you are experiencing. Safari works as expected.

Unfortunately, I cannot configure the application I’m using to manage this event to force rendering the web site in English only. I need to investigate how to avoid this misleading behaviour.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and I hope now you will be able to register :grinning: