Release time delay for release of full frame difference images

At the PCW is was mentioned that there will be an 80 hour hold on accessing full frame difference images, but cutouts sent in the alert stream, catalogs, forced photometry, expected to be sent 24 hours later, etc will be available. Is there any written reference on this that I could point my collaboration members to? I was looking in the DPDD, but did not see any reference to this.


I don’t know of one yet, but I do plan to update the DOI-citable “Data Products, Abridged” slide deck in Zenodo to include this new 80-hour release timescale (associated webpage: Data Products | Rubin Observatory).

Which means a new DOI will be needed, so I’ll make it something like “Data Products, Abridged (2022)”, and circulate it when it’s done.

At this point any other changes/additions to that “Data Products, Abridged” deck could be implemented by request, too. (Attention @willclarkson)

It would be helpful if it was also in the DPDD or some other tech note as soon as possible given that’s the official description of the data products. The slide deck is very useful especially for people new to Rubin, but many advanced users refer to the DPDD and may not review the abridged slide deck.

And thanks @MelissaGraham for being willing to update the slide deck in the meantime.

Oh yes, the DPDD is being updated too, thanks @mschwamb.

US-based folks are writing NSF and NASA proposals due in October and November. Having this information formally written in Rubin documentation before then would be helpful since it may impact timelines for some analysis like forced photometry.

The updates to the "DOI-citable “Data Products, Abridged” slide deck in Zenodo were updated, and are available via