****REMINDER: LSST 2019 PCW Registration FINAL Announcement - closing tomorrow****

Dear LSST Colleagues, If you would like to attend the LSST 2019 Project and Community Workshop please register by tomorrow, the registration website and hotel block booking is about to close, the t-shirt order is being placed and badges are being printed!

  1. REGISTRATION ($90/day) here (login required): https://project.lsst.org/meetings/lsst2019/registration
  2. HOTEL: https://www.hilton.com/en/hi/groups/personalized/T/TUSHTHH-LSST-20190810/index.jhtml
  3. AGENDA: draft 1 is available here: https://project.lsst.org/meetings/lsst2019/block-agenda
  4. WEBSITE: https://project.lsst.org/meetings/lsst2019/
  5. QUESTIONS: Slack channel # mtg-lsst2019-help or email rgill@lsst.org

As a reminder to Project Personnel, all travel on LSST Project Funds must be pre-approved and flights booked through LSST Travel Administrator Erin Carlson - ECarlson@lsst.org