`repos.yaml` has been moved to `lsst/repos`

Per RFC-318, the repos.yaml configuration file, which had been living in the lsst/lsstsw repo as etc/repos.yaml, has been migrated to a new repo named lsst/repos at the same path of etc/repos.yaml. The lsst/repos repo has a mangled version of lsst/lsstsw's history in order to preserve the log of changes that have been made to repos.yaml by developers.

The “self merge” upon passing CI checks now applies to lsst/repos and is enforced by GH branch protection.


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What does this mean for those of us living with existing lsstsw installs? Do we need to do a completely new install, or can we just clone repos over the top of the existing file?

@parejkoj I was just writing a note about that

Users with an existing lsstsw install should pull from the current master branch. Re-running deploy will now fetch an updated copy of repos.yaml in addition to the previous method of running rebuild -u <...>. If rebuild -u is run without first updating the lsstsw clone, the fetch of repos.yaml will fail.

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