Rolling updates to coaddition tasks

In the coming weeks, there’d be some significant additions and improvements related to the image coaddition part of the DRP pipeline as we march towards producing cell-based coadds. Most of them are expected to be transparent to end users, and I plan on using this topic to post the updates as they happen.

With DM-44623 merged, coadds (deepCoadd) built with w_2024_26 or later from warps (deepCoadd_directWarp and deepCoadd_psfMatchedWarp) generated with Science Pipelines version w_2024_25 or earlier would result in a coadd PSF that would be different and less accurate. Normally, running pipetask run prohibits mixing data products produced with different versions unless --no-versions flag is used. Thus, this is not a limitation unless you run parts of the pipeline for testing purposes. Note that reading the warps from earlier versions is still fully supported.