RSP / updates - 2021-08-06

Bug Fixes

  • Several users reported that their Notebook server’s copy of the tutorial notebooks was not staying automatically up-to-date as intended. This was due to a bug that appeared in circumstances that would not have tripped it in our internal testing. It is now fixed, and tutorial notebooks are correctly updating. You still have to exit and restart your server to pick any updates, as the refresh happens at login time.


  • We have greatly improved our infrastructure that simulates some common user interactions with the system. This means we get to find (and hopefully fix) more bugs before you do.


  • A user enquired how they could transfer notebooks from their RSP Notebook server to their local machine. For the moment, we suggest you use the Download option from the menu in your Notebook server:

As mentioned in the “Missing Features” section of the DP0 documentation, we have plans to make sharing files between your RSP space and your local machine easier in the future.

  • But remember that as discussed here that RSP Notebooks will frequently fail to run in stock Jupyter environments, as the RSP provides a number of capabilities and helper functions targeted to our users that will not be available outside the platform.

Project Community Workshop

It’s PCW week! If you have registered and have made it this far into this post, you may be interested in the following two RSP-related sessions next Friday (Aug 13th)

  • Coffee with the RSP developers

If you use the Rubin Science Platform (whether as telescope staff, verification scientist, or Data Preview delegate) you are quite welcome to (bring your own) coffee to our session to complain, ask for help, find out more about our roadmap or just meet the faces behind the usernames that fix your bugs.

  • RSP developer meetup

For our colleagues that are deploying and operating the RSP on their own infrastructure at our Data Facilities, this will be a (highly technical session) discussion sharing recent updates and planned technical changes.

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