RSP implementation / architecture docs


I was reading through this document but it seems that it could be out of date.

Is it still relevant today ? Do the RSP still follows the design described on that document or has it changed ?

If it has changed, is there another document where I can read more details about underlying implementation ?

Thanks !

Hi yes you are correct that document is somewhat historical now. It also only describes one of the three aspects of the RSP (portal, notebook, API) and does not speak to its underlying architecture.

We are planning on an “as-built” document but in the meanwhile if you are interested in a particular topic let us know and we can try to answer your questions

Thanks for the quick response.

I was interested in finding out more about the architecture for the notebook aspect. The API aspect is also interesting to me, as part of a community broker. So I’m really wondering not just about the user experience but also the underlying architecture, to better understand what could be done some day with integrations and keeping APIs consistent, if applicable.