RSP Notebook sessions will be terminated this Patch Thursday (2022-03-03 3pm PT)


During the upcoming normal weekly upgrade window ([Patch Thursday])(What is RSP Patch Thursday?) all current RSP Notebook sessions on will be terminated. Be sure to save your work.


Normally we are able to deploy our weekly RSP upgrades with minimal-to-none service interruption. However the changes scheduled for this week require the node pool on which the RSP is running to be rebuilt. This will mean a service outage and the termination of user JupyterLab servers.

You can minimize the risk of problems by saving and exiting your sessions from the JupyterLab menu before Thursday 3pm PT:

A reminder that while this magnitude of interruption is relatively rare (the last one was 5 months ago!) it is always prudent to save your work early and often during Patch Thursdays just in case.

All @DP0-Delegates please take note :point_up_2: