RSP update: Recommended Image change - 2023-06-01

The recommended (default selection) image for the Rubin Science Platform service is now based on the Weekly 21 build of the Rubin Science Pipelines.

If you are a data preview user you will get this image by default when you next use the service.

Note the following change of behaviour for the get_tap_service helper function (as used in, for example in this tutorial notebook tutorial-notebooks/02_Catalog_Queries_with_TAP.ipynb at main · rubin-dp0/tutorial-notebooks · GitHub )

Specifically, get_tap_service() is now deprecated in favor of get_tap_service("tap") . This is in preparation for future functionality.

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For a summary of changes to the DP0.2 tutorial notebooks as a result of this new recommended image, see the Log of Major Tutorial Updates — Vera C. Rubin Observatory Documentation for Data Preview 0.2.

This line ran yesterday, but not today:
coord = SkyCoord(ra=df_Gaia_MontWD[‘RA_ICRS’]*, dec=df_Gaia_MontWD[‘DE_ICRS’]*, frame=‘icrs’) worked before the image change.

This works for me now:
coord = SkyCoord(ra=df_Gaia_MontWD[‘RA_ICRS’], dec=df_Gaia_MontWD[‘DE_ICRS’], unit=‘deg’)

This is due to Pandas 2.0. A pandas.core.series.Series multiplied by an astropy.units.Unit does not give a Series of Quantity as it used to with Pandas 1.5.2.

We changed to the equivalent of:

coord = SkyCoord(ra=df_Gaia_MontWD['RA_ICRS'].values *, dec=df_Gaia_MontWD['DE_ICRS'].values *, frame='icrs')

but your solution seems fine too.

Thank you for the option, K-T!